The CReG model presented at the PharmAccess Leaders Forum
By Bussola Sanità - May 19, 2017

This article was translated from Italian. See the original here.

Luca D'Attila (Director of Vree Health Italia) and Fiorenzo Corti (FIMMG) speaking about the Chronic Related Group in Lombardy at one of Europe’s leading life science events.

The pioneering role of Lombardy Regional Health Agency and the development of the Chronic Related Group(CReG) was brought under the spotlight at the PharmAccess Leaders Forum. The key stakeholders in the national and international healthcare landscape attended one of the most respectable events in the European Life Science industry and had a chance to learn more about the status of the CReG project – an experiment presented by Luca D'Attila (Director of Vree Health Italia) and Fiorenzo Corti (Deputy Secretary of Lombardy Region, FIMMG).

The PharmAccess Leaders Forum focused on understanding of the "values" of patients and healthcare systems, as well as efficient and innovative treatment access programs aimed at improving the patients’ quality of life.

The Chronic Related Group is an innovative chronic disease management system that puts patient in the center of its operational scheme, having a family doctor provide the treatment by using a Service Center remotely.

Luca D'Attila (Director of Vree Health Italia) explained the way the CReG operates in Lombardy and presented the results achieved during the experimental implementation. The aim of their speech was to demonstrate how to drive a chronic patient towards a mode of personalized, outpatient, disease management plan. The family doctor completes the Individual Care Plan and makes a customized series of personalized assessments based on the patient's clinical situation and their real need. Then they give to the patient a calendar plan of the visits and tests that should be done. For the implementation of the plan, the patient uses the Service Center that follows them remotely (also via Telemedicine tools) and helps comply to the plan by sending reminders if the patient is out of schedule. Another distinctive feature of CReG is the ability to perform telemedicine investigations.

The Deputy Secretary of FIMMG Fiorenzo Corti emphasized that the benefits for patients and the healthcare system are already tangible after the first three years of running the experiment in Lombardy.