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"We hire for attitude and train for skill."

The Evidence Life Science Team

Place of work

Evidence Life Sciences
Jakubovo Namestie 11
811 09 Bratislava
Slovak Republic

Job description, information about the position

As a Evidence Life Science International Business Development Executive, you will make contact with senior directors in the pharmaceutical & biotech industry, throughout Europe, the USA and worldwide. In contact with existing and potential new clients, you will deliver the powerful sales and negotiation skills you have been taught, as well as benefiting from in-depth training in the exciting and dynamic healthcare industry. Your job will be to sell and promote the benefits of attending our pharmaceutical industry-leading events. Our market intelligence-based conferences and strategic partnering meetings are opportunities that senior pharmaceutical executives simply need to take advantage of, in order to advance their highly-competitive business to the next level. High performers will be offered some of the fastest management opportunities, as well as simply the best sales, management and pharmaceutical industry training in Slovakia.

Other benefits

  • Australian management team - committed & passionate about our people.
  • Basic income + very high commissions. High income!
  • The BEST sales training, daily.
  • Fast career advancement in a rapidly growing organisation.
  • Professional, fast-paced, high-performance corporate culture.
  • Highly motivating, very positive, multinational work environment.
  • Quite simply a rewarding company to work for!

Contract type

Full-time employment

Information for the Applicant

Firstly, you must speak very good to excellent English, no other languages are necessary. You must be a highly-motivated individual, willing to continually learn new skills and prepared to work hard and smart - and be rewarded for it. Communication skills and self-confidence are more important than experience. We hire for attitude and train for skill!

Position Suitable for a Graduate?


Additional Requirements for the Candidate

  • Self-confident
  • Financially motivated
  • Positive attitude
  • Fast learner
  • Excellent communication skills

More information

Quotes from Past Employees at Evidence Life Science

Jack T.

Jack T.
Sales & Marketing Director
International Market Access Consulting

“I worked at NextLevel for roughly 3 ½ years, I came in having finished my degree roughly 1 year before joining. I didn’t have any B2B sales experience, nor experience in the life sciences industry. However, Nextlevel offered me a position due to their policy of hiring for attitude and training for skill. Within 3 months I was promoted & within 11 months I was running my own sales team. If you’re looking for an easy job, then this isn’t for you; this is an incredibly rewarding (financially & psychologically), fast paced and challenging role that will ultimately develop your skills as a salesperson. I now lead all commercial activities for a consultancy in the pharmaceutical industry, I was actually approached from one of my clients, so not only do I have the skills I took away from NextLevel, but I wouldn’t have ever made the connection with my new organisation. You’ll network with people you never really imagined you’d even speak to and on that note, I’m proud to call Luke & Geoff not just colleagues, but friends.”

Erich W.

Erich W.
Vice President
Swiss Re, Switzerland

“Having worked at NLP for four years I can, without doubt, say that the support and training offered at NLP is excellent. Having started out as an international business development executive I ended up as a team sales manager within a year. With the experience I gained in the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry at NLP I am now the Head of Business Development for a global company working in the Pharma/Biotech industry. Because NLP hire for attitude and train for skill, your hard working attitude and self-motivation will be excellently rewarded.”

Maria K.

Maria K.
Onsite Recruiter
Alexander Mann Solutions, UK

“I started my career with NextLevel Life Sciences in 2007 as a Sales Executive with no previous sales experience. I received some of the best and most powerful training upon joining and in addition I had the privilege to learn from some exceptionally good sales people who were part of the team & top management. During my 5 years with the company I was given the opportunity to develop my skills in several positions: 1st as a Sales Team leader and later I became a Sales Manager of 2 sales teams. Thanks to NLP I gained very valuable experience, developed new skills & built a very stable network within the Life Sciences industry – this helped me pursue a new career in 2012 when I relocated to the UK. Since then I moved away from Sales & Business Development however my strong interpersonal skills and client focused attitude that I developed during my time with NLP helped me transition into Strategic Recruitment Process Outsourcing. I now work for Alexander Mann Solutions, UK as an Onsite Recruiter and had the opportunity to work onsite at Novartis HQ, Basel and currently at GE’s Global Operations Center in Budapest.”

Lewis B.

Lewis B.
Vice President, Business Development, Europe

“NextLevel Life Sciences provided fundamental tools that have been invaluable throughout my professional career in CRO sales. They allowed for exposure to hands-on sales leadership fundamentals, understanding core clinical development drivers and the opportunity to network & meet with industry leading KOLs. NLP helped afford a wonderful jump-start into a successful career and I would recommend the company to anyone looking to grow a career in the life sciences sector.”

Johan A.

Johan A.
Senior Business Development Manager
MedPharm Ltd., UK

“I worked at Next Level for 2 years. In my experience it’s a company that focuses on growing its employees and organizing great events. With a high-level of initial training and constant attention to mastering the craft of sales, the managers provides all the tools needed to develop and sustain a successful sales career. With a focused and fast-paced work environment NLP also gives great rewards and incentives to its staff. The management have a great open door policy that translates into a friendly and positive work environment.”

Erika B.

Erika B.
Marketing Director, East Region
Tech Data, Slovakia

“I managed the marketing department at NextLevel Life Sciences for over five years and I can be nothing but grateful for this opportunity. Starting off as a marketing assistant, the company offered a great professional growth and a chance to work my way up to leading the department a few years later. It was an invaluable experience that allowed me to develop a solid base of marketing skills that are transferable across industries and formed a great foundation for my future career growth and achieving my long-term professional goals. The management is very open-minded and supportive of innovative ideas, which makes NextLevel a very exciting and motivating place to work. The team is young and friendly, many colleagues have become my good friends, and working in a multicultural environment was a great experience. It was a pleasure working at NextLevel Life Sciences and I am glad I had a chance to contribute to the company’s success!”

Corey B.

Corey B.
Interventional Representative, Vascular Embolizations
Medtronic, USA

“NextLevel really helped launch my career in the Medical Industry. In the short time I was there, I gained extremely necessary knowledge about the medical field and how it worked. I learned both the inner workings of a medical corporation, and also about medical specialties themselves. Lastly, I gained valuable sales techniques and knowledge from NLP training and am extremely grateful for the opportunity I had to work at NextLevel.”

Geraint C.

Geraint C.
Conference & Events Manager
British Geriatric Society, UK

“NextLevel Life Sciences provided a motivating and progressive working environment. I was able to develop new skill-sets and further my own abilities through successive projects and increasing responsibilities. Great support was on hand from the senior management team, who provided encouragement and clear guidance to attain results and advance in the organisation. From my time there (4 years) working at NLP was a great experience both professionally and personally.”

Sona M.

Sona M.
Event Coordinator
ESET Inc., Slovakia

“I worked at NextLevel Life Sciences as an event co-ordinator for 5 years. After a short period of time, my competencies were recognized I was given the opportunity to work independently on numerous internal and external events. During my time with NextLevel Life Sciences I was able to develop strong time management skills and prioritizing, improve negotiations and fine-tune communication skills with clients and suppliers around the world. If you are looking for a relaxed working environment, small international team of colleagues (that you will most likely grow friends with), management’s open approach to your suggestions and opportunity to take amazing business trips then this is the right place for you.”

Lubica V.

Lubica V.
Project Coordinator, Women's & Men's Health
Sandoz, Germany

“At NLP I learnt a lot about the industry and I really enjoyed working with the team. I joined NLP without any knowledge about pharmaceutical industry, but events covering topics from pre-clinical phase all the way to market access and product commercialization enabled me to learn about all crucial aspects of this industry. Furthermore, talking to senior executives helped me to enhance my sales and negotiations skills. By working on broad spectrum of the events, I got really interested in the pharma industry and decided to move my career this direction. The fast-paced and performance driven environment of the company moved me forward every day to reach my goals. I enjoyed very much the internationality of the company. What I liked the most about the company were the people - the team I joined when I started at NLP as well as the guys in my team after I was promoted to be a team leader. Both, Geoff and Luke, have a lot of experience and at the same time drive and motivation to succeed on every level. Each of them has a different management style, but they perfectly complement each other in order to cover all aspects of the business. I consider my NLP experience very positively.”

Keith T.

Keith T.
Branch Manager
Euro Car Parts Ltd., UK

“I was with NextLevel Life Sciences for over 7 years and I wouldn’t have stayed so long if the company and job didn’t cater to my ambitions and love of working on great brands. From my experience working in this company, you get out what you put in and you are in charge of your own career. If you thrive in a challenging environment and on ambitious projects, this is a company where you can build a career. The culture inspires innovation and entrepreneurship which allows you to set high standards for yourself. I genuinely believe that my career development was as a result of the culture and opportunities given by management. Lots of fantastic training sessions available that develop your personal skills (e.g. “being resilient”, “building your skills as a leader”). Not many companies are willing to invest in such meaningful training for their staff, but NextLevel do.”

A Message from the Managing Director

Geoff Cable

Geoff Cable
Managing Director & Founder
Evidence Life Science

Dear applicant,

Please allow me to introduce myself; I am Geoff Cable, the Managing Director of Evidence Life Science.

Thank you for your interest in pursuing a career with us. The workplace here is an energetic environment where ambitious and talented individuals can prosper and really advance their careers.

We provide leading services for the dynamic and knowledge-intensive, global life sciences industry. As a result, talented people are without doubt the number-one essential ingredient which determines our success as an international market-leader.

A people-focused mentality, and great teamwork, enable us to deliver high-quality services to our respected clients.

You are important to us and it's essential that we provide an environment where you can excel and be the best you can be.

Please feel free to send us your application and we look forward to discussing further if a career at Evidence Life Science could be the right choice for you.

Best Regards,

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